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AED State Laws & Guidelines

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Defibrillators Save Lives

According to the American Heart Association, more than 325,000 Americans will experience Sudden Cardiac Arrest this year. That's almost one person every minute. Sudden Cardiac Arrest survival rate is less than 5%. The use of Automated External Defibrillators has been shown to increase survival rates to 86%. Improved access to AEDs could save 40,000 lives per year - equivalent to a cure for breast cancer. It can easily be seen why many have advocated for the broad distribution and placement of defibrillators across America - in public buildings, schools, gyms, offices, and communities.

A Nationwide Effort

Over the last 15 years all 50 states have established legislation and regulations for Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs). Most of the bills have included provisions for the legislative intent for AEDs to be used by any person for the purpose of saving a life of another person in cardiac arrest. Also most states have included provisions for a "Good Samaritan" exemption for liability for individuals rendering emergency treatment with a defibrillator, for the required frequent maintenance and testing of each AED unit, and for the AED and CPR training of individuals. Many states have also implemented requirements for notification of local EMS, required AED Management Program for organizations and regular Physician / Medical Oversight

Our Solution - Defibrillator Management Program

While the States have enacted legislation and provided guidance, there is still a large effort needed for uniformity and consistent guidance and direction. is committed to the broad effort of AED defibrillator placement across America. This Guide to AED State Laws & Legislation is our best effort to provide general direction, education, and guidance for every state, but we are aware that specific regulations exist - even within individual municipalities. For this reason, we offer our PlusTrac AED Management Program for ongoing maintenance, support, and training. PlusTrac ensures 100% program compliance with all laws and regulations and provides for the tracking and training of AED program coordinators, trainers and emergency responders. PlusTrac even provides for the regular required updates of AED electrode pads and batteries. We encourage all AED purchasers to consider the PlusTrac AED Management Program.