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Getting Started

Thanks for checking out the AED Defibrillator Expert Center. We’ve created the center to give you education guidance on our AED automated external defibrillator machines. What you’ll find here is unlike anything you’ll find anywhere else in the industry and is the result of our decades of AED and EMS experience. We are committed to being America’s Trusted AED community by constantly researching and reviewing the latest information the AED industry has to offer. Check back here often as we are continually adding pertinent information and educational guidance to help you make an informed decision for your emergency response plan. Here is a brief overview of what you'll find in each section of the AED Expert Center:

AED Basics

Here we help you develop a fundamental knowledge of all AEDs and point out some key differences that will guide your research process from this point on.

  • Which AED is best for me? – We answer one of the most common questions we get asked, and enable you to choose the AED that will best meet your needs.
  • AED Buying Guide – Ever wanted a truly unbiased, apples-to-apples comparison of the available options so YOU can make a decision that will best serve your needs? We did too. And that’s exactly what you will find with our unique AED Comparison & Buying Guide. It’s a unique tool we’ve designed for our customers that you won’t find anywhere else!
  • FAQ’s – We’ve compiled a list of questions customers have asked us over the years and answered them here. Don’t see your question answered? Submit it via Live Chat and one of our AED Experts will answer it for you!
  • Glossary of Terms – Here we’ve compiled a list of all the terms common to the AED industry for your reference. Check out the Quick Reference Guide for summary definitions of key terms or the Master Glossary for technical definitions of all related terms.

AED State Laws

Navigate to your state using our Interactive State-by-State map to view regulations pertaining to AEDs in your areas. Over the last 15 years all 50 states have established legislation and regulations for Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs). Most of the bills have included provisions for the legislative intent for AEDs to be used by any person for the purpose of saving a life of another person in cardiac arrest. Also most states have included provisions for a "Good Samaritan" exemption for liability for individuals rendering emergency treatment with a defibrillator, for the required frequent maintenance and testing of each AED unit, and for the AED and CPR training of individuals. Many states have also implemented requirements for notification of local EMS, required AED Management Program for organizations and regular Physician / Medical Oversight

AED Maintenance

We cover the basics of what is entailed in maintaining an AED and how to know if a unit needs serviced.

  • Guidelines – Here we dive in deep by comparing the maintenance needs of each AED side by side.
  • Videos – Informative videos will cover key maintenance aspects of each AED, hosted by one of AEDpeople’s founders, Doug Huffman, who has over 20 years of EMS/Paramedic experience.

CPR/AED Training

One of the things you’ll notice right away that is different at AEDpeople: we are committed to educating and training our customers on how to save a life! One of the primary ways we do this is by providing our customers access to our network of over 2,000 American Heart Association Certified CPR/AED instructors. No matter where you are in the country, can help with your CPR/AED training!

AED Management Programs

Discover how effective AED programs are implemented here. We believe that the only thing more important than deploying an AED is having a program in place that will enable you to save a life when the moment of truth arrives. This is where we stand apart from other companies…we will not just sell you an AED - our goal is that you will have an effective and regulatory compliant AED program in place that will reflect the seriousness of your investment. We have several comprehensive AED Programs powered by PlusTrac to help you do just that!

Live Chat

Technology is amazing isn’t it? We’ve come to realize that the more convenient and expedient it is for our customer to ask questions…the more likely they are to actually ask them! At we don’t want anyone to purchase an AED without having all of their questions and concerns addressed. We’ve made a best effort to present the information you need on our site, but we know that you may still have questions…so we have a Live Chat available to answer your questions on the fly at the bottom of your screen!